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iMagic Inventory Software 5.14

Managing stock has never been as easy!
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You don't need to own a large business to have to keep track of your inventory. Even if your company is small, you need to ensure you know what products you have in stock, where they are located and when the time comes to order replacement product. iMagic Inventory is a quick, seamless and easy way to handle all your inventory needs within one, simple software program.

Cost Effective and Flexible

iMagic Inventory is a powerful inventory and invoicing tool that is available for use with the Windows operating system. The software is a great cost effective system that allows for flexibility in how you wish to organize your product and how you can create your invoices to deliver to your customers.

Create Invoices Easily

Aside from storing your inventory, you are able to create invoices effortlessly. It only takes the click of the New Invoice button located on the toolbar and you are on your way to making an invoice specially geared to each customer. It is easy to search through existing customers within the database, or you can create a completely brand new invoice for new customers. When you finish your invoice and send it off, the database will automatically update the stock levels for each piece of product purchased. This lets you keep track of what you still have in stock, and what you might need to think about re-stocking.

When you create a new invoice for customers you haven't dealt with before, the program will automatically save the customer's details for future use. This helps you with your marketing efforts, and saves you time in re-entering details for customers who keep coming back.

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